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  Legal Writing Resources
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  ASP's: Internet-based Office Suites
  Software Office Suites
  - Freeware Office Suites
  Word Processing Software
  - Corel WordPerfect Resources
  - Microsoft Word Resources
  Comparison / Redlining
  Court Reporters / Transcription
  - Court Reporter Software
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  File Conversion Software
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  File Compression
  - Document Conversion Services
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  Non-Legal Dictionaries
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  - Real Estate Terminology
  - Technology Dictionaries
  - Other Specialized Dictionaries
  - Acronyms and Abbreviations
  - Thesaurus
  - Spelling Check Software
  Legal Writing Resources
  Publishing Software
  Remove Metadata
  Screen Capture
  - Cut & Paste
  Secretarial and Dictation Services

  - Translation Services
  - Translation Software
  - Web-based Instant Translations
  - Foreign Language Resources
  Typing Tutors & Aids
  Voice Recognition / Voice Interface / Dictation
  - Digital Recorders
  - Text to Audio
  - Telephone-based Dictation Services
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