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  Miscellaneous Software
  See also:   Legal Software 
                       Areas of Law
                       Document Assembly 
                       Internet Security 
                       Word Processing Tools 
                       Tax Software 
  Adobe Acrobat Reader

  - Backup Space Services
  - Tape Backup
  - Backup Software
  - Hard Disk Imaging
  Bar Coding
  Database Software
  - Data Migration
  Drivers for Computer Hardware
  File Compression / ZIP
  File Erasure
  File Management
  File Recovery
  File & Folder Searches
  Graphics Software
  - Computer Aided Design
  - Diagrams
  - Optimize GIF and JPEG images
  - 3D Graphics
  - Graphic Viewers
  - Web-based Graphics Software
  Hard Disk Defrag
  Hard Disk Imaging
  Hard Disk Partitioning
  Macintosh Software and Hardware
  Migration of software from an old to a new computer
  Operating Systems

  - Microsoft Windows
  - Linux - a competitor to Windows
  - Multiple Operating Systems
  - OS/2
  - Unix
  - Operating System Emulators
  - PDF Format
  Photo Software
  Programmer's Software
  Project Management Software
  Publishing Software
  Remote Control Software
  Shareware and Freeware
  Software Installation
  Software Directories
  Spreadsheet Software
  Statistics Software
  - Cut & Paste Text
  - File Management
  - Transfer Files From Computer to Computer
  - Screen Capture
  - Screen Magnification
  - System Startup Configuration
  - System Startup - Multiple Operating Systems
  Video Software
  - Video Editing Cards
  Version Control / Team Programming
  Voice Recognition / Voice Interface
  Web Page / Screen Capture
  ZIP Utilities