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  Corporate Law Software
  Corporate Law Software
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  Employment Agreements
  Environmental Law Software
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  Estate Planning Software
  Estate and Trust Administration
  - Asset Valuation
  - Probate Software
  - Trust and Fiduciary Accounting
  Estate Tax, Gift Tax, and Fiduciary Income Tax
  Family Law Software
  Family Tree Software
  Freedom of Information Act
  FHA and HUD forms

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  Intellectual Property Software
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  NAFTA Compliance Software
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  Pension Plans and Employee Benefits
  Personal Injury Case Management
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  Prenuptial Agreements
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  Real Estate Closings
  Retirement Planning
  Regulatory Compliance
  Risk Analysis/Case Evaluation Software
  Securities Forms
  - Stockholder Tracking
  Security Agreements
  Separation Agreements
  Voice Recognition / Voice Interface
  - Web-based Instant Translations
  Wills and Trust
  Workers' Compensation Software & Forms