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  International and Foreign Law
  Embassies & Ambassadors
  Foreign Governments & Laws
  Areas of Foreign Law
  International Trade & Commerce
  Treaties & International Conventions

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  Foreign and International Law Links
  Arms Control
  Chiefs of State
  Comparative Law
  Conflicts of Law
  Constitutions of Various Countries
  Dictionaries of International & Foreign Legal Terms
  Embassies & Ambassadors
  Foreign Courts
  Freedom of Speech - International
  Foreign Governments and Laws
  - Central & South America
  - Canada
  - China
  - European Union
  - Germany
  - United Kingdom
  - Russia
  - Japan
  - Mexico
  International & Foreign Administrative Law
  International Arbitration and Dispute Resolution
  International Banking Law
  International Investments
  International Civil Procedure
  International Criminal Law
  International Environmental Law
  International Family Law
  International Intellectual Property Law
  International Labor Laws
  Outsourcing - Transfer of Jobs Abroad
  International Organizations
  International Securities Law
  International Tax Law
  International Trade and Commerce
  - Foreign Currency Exchange
  - Not-for-Profit
  International Trusts
  Moving Abroad / Expatriates
  Multi-Governmental Institutions

  - Translation Services
  - Translation Software
  - Web-based Instant Translations
  - Foreign Language Resources
  Travel Safety
  Treaties and International Conventions
  United Nations
  - International News
  International Investigations
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                       Maritime & Aviation Law