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  Telephones & Conferencing
  Service Providers
  Internet Enabled Phones
  Meeting Management
  PBX Systems

  Information About Telephones
  Cellular Phones
  - Using Cellular Phones Abroad
  Long Distance & Local Service Providers
  - Long Distance Rate Comparisons
  - Voice over IP (VoIP) - Web-based Phone Service (paid)
  - Web-based Long Distance Service (free)
  - Web-based Unified Message Systems
  - Messaging Service Providers
  Internet Enabled Phones
  - Internet Call Management
  Opting-out of Phone Solicitations
  Phone Numbers
  - See also:   Phone Number Resources 

  Teleconferencing / Videoconferencing
  - Telecommuting
  - Web Conferencing
  - Video Phones
  Meeting Management
  Telephone Headsets
  Telephone MP3 Music Players
  Telephone PBX Systems
  - LAN-based PBX's
  Technical Information
  Vendors and Telephone Links
  See also:   E-mail 
                       Handheld Computers 
                       Mobile Internet Access 
                       Communications Law 
                       Telephone Numbers